Privacy Policy

Duijts Watch Company  (hereinafter DWC) respects all applicable laws dealing with personal information to protect the privacy of its customers from leaking, diversion, and falsification of personal information as explained below.

  1. Protection and management of personal information
    DWC formulates thoroughgoing safety measures by streamlining its company regulation to protect and manage its customers’ personal information from any of loss, damage, external diversion, and unauthorized access.
    In case customer personal information achieved its purpose of use, and no need to store any more, we may delete the customer personal information.
  2. Offer of the personal information to the third parties
    DWC will not offer or disclose its customers’ personal information to any third party without receiving customers’ permission, except in the limited manner and for the limited purposes described below. 
  • When a customer agreed with disclosure of his/her personal contact information.
  • In case it is requested to disclose customers’ personal information by the public offices, or needed according to the laws.
  • When converted into the statistic data impossible to identify the person.
  • When in need of disclosing customer personal information for managing this site, we may disclose our customers’ personal information to our subcontracting companies. In the case, the disclosed information is limited to the extent necessary to manage the site, and we secure the information by contracting with the subcontracting companies.
  1. Enquiry, Correction, or Deletion of the personal information
    When in need of enquiry, correction, or deletion of the customers’ personal information, inquire to us by Contact form on the web site. After verifying the identity, the customer personal information would be corrected or deleted in a reasonable period of time.
  2. Disclosure of the personal information
    In the case of any of the following events, we may disclose the customers’ personal information.
  • In case customers or DWC suffered an unreasonable loss by a certain customer, we may notify the customers’ personal information to the party affected, police, and the relevant agencies.
  • In case requested to disclose the customers’ registered information by court, public prosecutor, police, counsel, consumer information center, or the organizations holding a similar authority, we may disclose the information.